Shark and Rio was basically following moved to the Barian Community and discovered Nash’s military and you may Eye, just who passionately welcomed your

At the healthcare, Shark reflected about what he previously read immediately following their duel which have Chironex, specifically on how the guy and Rio were supposedly murdered regarding the car crash. When he became to he had been amazed to see Dumon, which called your “Nash” and you may informed your the time had come to know their name. [79] Shark and his comatose brother were directed straight back the quantity spoils by Dumon in which he knowledgeable even more recollections out-of his earlier lifetime. [36] Since Shark experienced their early in the day life’s events, Shark fulfilled Rio’s soul, whom told him that she was also seeing the individuals recollections. They spoke regarding war and just how Shark often choose a form decision to minimize brand new causalities, whether or not he will have they. Shark informed Rio which he remembered that somebody coached him how hatred do spread if the guy failed to, and you may beamed immediately following Rio accurately guessed that “someone” are Yuma. Just after Shark saw how tragic the battle ranging from Nash and you will Vector ended, Shark approved which he was an effective Barian and then he is Nash. Dumon stated that the latest Barian Community originally did not have of several citizens on it considering the procedures regarding Astral Globe, but Shark’s legendary battle with Vector caused every perished souls to get in the fresh new Barian Business; that partnership alone is as to why Shark try the best choice of one’s 7 Barian Emperors. That have sour tearful sight and his awesome cousin trying comfort him, Shark lamented how destiny is really cruel and you will ironic, understanding that brand new enemy Yuma, Astral and Kite will be assaulting was him. [37]

When Yuma expected why which had to take on, Nash replied that is exactly what destiny had felt like, hence Yuma discovered to be ridiculous and you can promised to replace its bond by way of Dueling

Shark listened to Dumon telling him that he is actually the only real person who may end the battle which have Astral Community, even in the event it meant cracking their thread with Yuma and his awesome family unit members. Just like the Shark recalled his minutes that have Yuma, their family members and competitors, Shark ruefully made a decision to realize their future and you can settle the war his way, acknowledging their name since the Barian, Nash. [80] Later on, the guy told Rio to end calling him “Reginald”. Rio called the entire problem their fault, because the none of it could have took place had she maybe not sacrificed herself in her own previous existence. Shark answered it absolutely was he that has been at fault, as the his hatred away from Vector in the own past lifetime try just what become man looking for woman this. She requested when the he might very challenge Yuma along with his household members and Shark replied that he would, “for the purpose this new Barian Business”, when you are wasting the fresh new chandelier that contains the image out of his loved ones. [6] They restored the brand spanking new Barian models and you can presumed control as the management of your own Seven Barian Emperors again, demanding a crisis fulfilling. Vector is actually shocked to see you to Nash and you can Marin got came back and you may were still live. [81] Dumon showed that it finished up on earth as the human beings. Nash affirmed that regardless of if these were enemies regarding the Human Globe, he was on the top now. To prove this, he advised Vector to help you kill him is to Vector sense one clue out of betrayal. Vector advised it try to need Environment instantly, given that Yuma and you may Astral were not as much as. Nash told Vector not to take too lightly Yuma – it is impossible the guy may not be right back. The guy bestowed brand new power to each of the Barian Emperors, up coming provided to Vector’s bundle. [82]

Barian Emperor Onslaught [ modify ]

After Mr. Heartland are beaten, brand new 7 Barian Emperors turned up along with her in the world before Yuma, who was simply pleased to pick Shark. Shark replied which he was don’t Shark otherwise Reginald, but Nash of your own Barians. The eight proceeded to Barian Battlemorph and you will indicated that he was the best choice of your own Barians. Out of the blue, his Barian Emblem answered with the Emperor’s Secret, enabling Yuma discover Nash’s previous lifestyle and you may Nash comprehend the events one Yuma was involved with about Astral Community, and also make your comment that they one another transmitted the responsibility out-of an excellent community on their shoulders. Shortly after Yuma fainted, these were going to assault whenever Roku and you can Kaze showed up and you can pelted new Emperors that have tobacco bombs, making it possible for Yuma’s entire category to leave. Nash ordered an effective chase, but all the most other Emperors but Vector was in fact prohibited because of the Yuma’s companions and you can forced to Duel. Nash caught up into car they had used to flee and discovered themselves confronted with Quattro since the automobile sped aside once more. Quattro vowed to-do just what Yuma should do – reforge new securities away from friendships which have a good Duel, however, Nash declared they can never ever understand each other no matter how frequently they Duel. In the event, Quattro attained the advantage, Nash shown their “Over-Hundred Count” cards, “Matter 101: Hushed Award ARK”. As a result, Quattro put what he known as “trump card away from humanity” – “Rank-Up-Wonders Argent Chaos Force” – to make “Amount C15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Huntsman” and you may shed “Quiet Honor ARK”. Nash up coming started a turmoil Draw at the same time as the others Emperors. [30]

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