Location Tracking Software​

In TRAK-IOT, we have learned and amassed a lot of pragmatic knowledge, skills and experiences in tracking-based service in the years we were selling out the hundreds of thousands of devices. We would like to present the essentials of tracking services as our software products, we believe it can be helpful in empowering your business no matter you’re a newly-in or were in the business for a time.


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Live Tracking online

Play in real-time of the instant trace and events happening on the any vehicled connected

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Tour Traces playback

Present historical trip rountes and interacted event on a map, providing intuitive overviews of how each trip performed

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Event Records & Checkback

Actions and incidents would be fully recorded and categorized. There are interfaces to search out and checkback what happened at any given time once hard evidences are needed.

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Geo-fencing Setting & Alerts

On the software, geo-fences could be any geometric shape that set for alerting when the managed vehicles get in or out, or both.

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Driving Data & Analysis

It is all about the harsh driving behaviors. The harsh performances would be recorded for further analysis, for either understanding drivers, or improving managements

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Fleet management

Fleet management could be far-more efficient based on ample, real, timely and detailed information of on-road performances.


Trak-iot Online is the general version of tracking software, you can basically track and mange vehicles, persons, assets and any other you would like to track.