Why compact size for trackers

Good for hidden installations

Since most trackers are internal antennas, the small dimensions will help flexible hidden installation.

Good for Narrow space

On vehicles like motorcycles or mopeds, limited spaces are always a challenge for placing a tracker.

The major factors to a tracker’s size

Trackers are always expected as smaller as possible, anyway there are factors impose a size should a tracker be, while some more others may enlarge the size even a little bigger.

PCB Dimensions

To contain all the essential components asks the PCB has to remain a size. While among the performance section, the cellular communication module is the major sizing factor deciding most of the trackers could be thin but not slim always.

Lower Power Consumption

This is a sounds-good performance but it requires an increase of the dimensions of PCB as a MCU has to be put on.

Waterproofing Casing

Not requiring an increase of dimensions of PCB, enabling the feature of waterproofing requires to refine and structure with with increasing the case size a little bit.