Built-in Batteries Of Vehicle Trackers


Backup Power Source

Trackers keeps in live by sourcing the power from vehicle’s batteries. The power is not infinite when a vehicle is turned off its engine. In case vehicle batteries go to a low level, trackers would turn the power supplying to their inside batteries.


Live on to operate

A cut-off of the power cable connections between trackers and vehicles will not lead to a shutdown of a tracking device. The inside power source will keep it live on to finish an alarm of the removal. If the disconnected tracker remained in the vehicle, it will continuing its conventional works for a time. Even tough, it is abandoned somewhere, go and get it back as the location it reports.

Impacts to vehicle trackers by the built-in battery

1. The size

One of the objectives of hardwired tracker is as small sized as possible, batteries in cylinders or of any other hard shells can hardly meet the requirement to fit in the case. Polymer batteries are flexible in sizing is another element to for the adoption.

2. The quality

The quality of batteries is a big topic. Here just briefly to let know the key factors considered to complete for a quality tracker. As each piece of tracker only requires one piece of battery, tolerances of the uniformity among similar batteries would not lead to quality problems of trackers. Anyway, restrict requirements to the tolerances of the criteria are a must, especially on the reliability.

3. The capacity

Not a signification consideration to hardwired trackers, as it is a minority that trackers would shift to their owned batteries. But it is an important consideration to wireless trackers. The required capacity of a battery must be able to support a wireless tracker to work per period of time during long-silent lurking as long as months.