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Should I choose a 2G tracker or 4G tracker?

2G If 2G cellular network in your country is not yet announced decommissioned.

What kinds of positioning satellite system should I consider when buying a tracker? GPS, Glonass or Beidou?

Literally it is not a factor in buying consideration of a tracker. The one can work with all of them will be the best choice.

Can a tracker be used without software?

Yes, it can, but not suggested so. Most the message from trackers are with data of longitude and latitudes, to what you can not have intuitive mapping impression of the locations.

Must it be waterproofing of trackers used in car?

No. Vehicle trackers are mostly installed in somewhere rarely get contact with water or moisture, waterproofing is not critical elements to add on.

Must it be waterproofing of tracker used in motorcycles?

Yes, the motorcycles are open driving. There is not spot can be guarantee out of contacts of water or moisture, so waterproofing is a critical features for trackers used on motorcycle.

Where to install a tracker inside a car?

Basically place it under the dashboard, or inside decorations of trunks, the key point is to keep the side with the positioning antenna upwards or to open sides, to remain good access of the gps singles.