Rental Car Management

Vehicle tracking system is nowadays an essential part of the car rental management

Improve The Front Line Service​

With knowing confident information of the fleet of cars, your counter staff will be better in delivering quick and certain responses to customers’ requests.

Knows whereabouts

Never lose knowledge & control of your the car you lease out.

Set Geo-fences

Not able to prohibit, but will know if a rental car entry an area as it is not expected to go to.

Secure Your Property

Better chances to take back your car if it abandoned or stolen by someone. Furthermore, an way to disable the rental car is reserved when you find it necessary.Never lose knowledge & control of your the car you lease out.

For Rental Cars

Professional Tracking System

This solution is a collection of the minimum essential features of a tracking system for car rental business. This solution is aimed to help most of our commercial customers quickly figure out an appropriate, stably running but not-high-costing system for his business. In the solution the key element is to pick up a hardwired vehicle tracker with 4 cables.

Solution Highlights​

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Hidden Installation

Placing a tracker in car from somewhere visible to keep it lurk and work out of rentee's consciousness

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Real-time Locations

Know all the time the whereabouts of your rental cars

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Buffer Locations Updates

Remain data when the cellular temperarily get lost

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Over speed alerts

Over-speed as one of harsh driving hehaviors will notify to rental car managers

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Removal Alert

Any attempts to remove the tracker from the car will be alerted to who should pay attention to

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Physical Ignition Detection

It provides better in-time and accurate ignition status of a vehicle, which helps to generate consequence data

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Mileage Counting

Know the total mileage a car has gone through

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Gen-fencing setting & alerts

Know if a car is going into or out where it isn't expected to

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Remotely Engine Cut-off

Our power of choice is untrammelled and when nothing prevents being able to

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Driving Behaviors Records & Analysis

Know how each driver perform their driving, and know if your rental car was in possible rish and damages

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Towing Alerts

A car's displacement during its park is an important event to know instantly

Software Highlights

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On the tracking software, there are overviews for total vehicle number, online and offline vehicle numbers, latest events, alert numbers and so on.

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Live Tracking

The software provides live monitoring to a vehicle by drawing its a route on map.

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Tour Trace Mapping Playback

Routes taken can be playback by presenting on map, with historically interacted events, providing intuitive views of the trips.

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Event Alerts & Records

The software records and presents the events happned, refer to geo-fence entry or exist, towing, removal, and the dirving behaviors. The software can push alert for nominated events as per what it set, and data will be reserved on server for a time for further analysis.