Cars On Loans Management

Laying a tracking system in the management of cars on loans is a significant act to improve the security of business.
Let Your Business

Stand Out From The Risks


Lender Disappearing

A lender out of contact could be a trouble, while not knowing the whereabouts of the property is a risk.

Payment Issues

Any delay of payment or claim of disability to continue the loans would turn a profit-oriented contract to a money losing one.

Tracking Solutions

For Cars On Loans

Solution 1

Hardired Trackers

Hardwired trackers are the basic solution for tracking cars, because connecting to vehicle provides the tracker to have sufficient power supply for frequent operations. Furthermore, hardwired connections provide possibilities to a tracker to source substantial data (signals) from the vehicle.

  • No timely dismantlement for recharging
  • No sleep mode to save power

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Solution Highlights​

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Hidden Installation

Keeps the tracker stay in car without any consciousness to it

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Silently Lurk and Work

The tracker creates no sounds as long as it remains in car and works to get itself under a consciousness

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Real-time Locations

The tracker keeps reporting frequently for the whereabouts of the car

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Removal Alert

Removing the installed tracker will lead to an alert to who should pay attention to

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Remotely Engine Cut-off

Remote immobilization can be reserved for situation that has to do it

Solutoins 2

Wireless Tracker

As wireless trackers can be freer and more untraceable for placement than hardwired trackers, they are an efficient supplementary solution for tracking cars on loans. By enlarging the time interval of repositioning, a wireless tracker can last its work period for one year or more per full charge.

Relevant Products

Solution Highlights

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Concealed Installation

Without wiring to the vehicle, a wireless tracker can be more untraceable for where it is placed

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Timely Locations

The tracker wakes up as per the time set to report where it is.

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Removal Alert

Not the same way how a hardwired tracker does, the wireless tracker alerts too if a removal is happening to it

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Silent Lurk And Works

The tracker creates no sound as long as it remains in car and works to get itself under a consciousness

Software Highlights

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On the tracking software, there are overviews for total vehicle number, online and offline vehicle numbers, latest events, alert numbers and so on.

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Live Tracking

The software provides live monitoring to a vehicle by drawing its a route on map.

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Tour Trace Mapping Playback

Routes taken can be playback by presenting on map, with historically interacted events, providing intuitive views of the trips.

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Event Alerts & Analysis

The software records and presents the events happned, refer to geo-fence entry or exist, towing, removal, and the dirving behaviors. The software can push alert for nominated events as per what it set, and data will be reserved on server for a time for further analysis.