4-Pins Extention Cable Harness

GCAB-4 is an extension cable harness for the 4-pins trackers. The harness is fit with a pin-to-pin connector that allows quick but appropriate lockup with TRAK-IOT’s 4-pin trackers. It aims to help prolonging length of the connected wires between trackers and vehicles or accessories.


Pin-to-pin Clip-on

The paired male connector allows quick a clip-on to the matched trackers



120CM(Vehicle use)
60CM(Motorcycle use)


Wire Gauge


Wire Compliance



Male Connector


Fuse Box


The Front View of TC01 Vehicle Tracker

TC01 (2G)

TC01 is one of the typical vehicle trackers based on 2G cellular connectivity. This hardwired tracker is of reliable quality as it has been installed and being used on hundreds of thousands of vehicles. It is more precisely produce the information and data in terms of event detection. It is a what can lay your business a firm foundation with pervasiveness possibility among same kinds.
The Front View of TC02 Vehicle Tracker

TC02 (4G)

TC02 is a 4-wires vehicle tracker, designed with the 4G connectivity with 2G network fallback. It is leveled as a primary hardware to offer basic solutions of essential functionalities for vehicle tracking and management. While, customers can still maintain the most possible competition edges when switch the business from 2G to 4G network.