Bespoke Your Right Tracking Devices

With the core-player’s power in the business, TRAK-IOT is able to empower your business by providing suitable, competitive products, and our considerate service.

Have Things Good Costs

Tracking Device OEM​

Being a manufacturer owning its production plant, TRAK-IOT is powerfully supported by its fine supply chain of components suppliers, who had been verified in the past decade in kinds of business battles. We can enable the best business position of your products, if you choose to produce what you want in TRAK-IOT.

Make Something Unique

Tracking Device ODM​

Being ambiguous in defining a hardware of tracking device should not be a trouble to your anymore. TRAK-IOT’s hardware technicians are comprised of ID planning engineers, hardware architecture engineers, base-band engineers, RF engineers, pcb planning engineers and testing engineers. Post to TRAK-IOT your ideas and plant, we can project everything for the development, especially in the terms of certificated possibility and cost advantage.