4G Basic-TC06

4G Vehicle Tracker

TC06 is a 4G anti-tampering GPS tracker specifically designed for automotive financial institutions, intermediary agencies, and car dealers. It is used for real-time monitoring and asset protection. With the ultra-compact size and stable performance, it’s the most suitable 4G vehicle tracker for the Asia-pacific countries.

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4G LTE Connectivity

Designed for IoT connectivity in Asia-pacific countries.

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Compact Size

One of the right features enable the invisible installation

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ACC Detection

Physically detect ignition status, for generate reliable data.

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Built-in Battery

Allowing device keeps working once power supply is not available.

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Real-time Positioning

Keep broadcasting instant positioning and timing information as per the time interval set

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Built-in Storage

Store data when cellular connection is out.

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Driving Behavior Detection

Collects data of Driving performances for generate reliable reports of driving behavior analysis.

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Internal Antennas

Both positioning & cellular antennas are built on board.

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Remote Engine Cut-off

Physically disable the vehicle engine from a distance away without a limitation.

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Geo-fencing Setting & Alert

Support setting either on the hardware itself or remotely on a software.

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OTA updates

This is basic way for features update, debug and parameters reset.


Operating Band

TDD-LTE: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41
FDD-LTE: B1/B3/B5/B8

Maximum Output

LTE FDD: 23±2dBm
LTE TDD:23±2dBm

Cellular Antenna 



Positioning Modes



-160dBm (Tracking)
-158dBm (Acquisition)

Location Accuracy 



≤60S (Cold start)
≤15S (Hot start)

GNSS Antenna 




88mm *23mm*14mm



Back-up Battery 

55mAh Li-polymer

Operating Voltage 



Digital Input

1 digital input for ignition detection

Digital Output

1 digital output for relay control


3-axis accelerometer

Status LEDs 

2 (GPS, NET)


Operating Temperature

-25℃ ~+75℃

Storage Temperature

-40℃ ~+85°C

SP01REL - Tracker Replay -Front View


The relay is the key element to enable extrinsic command of immobilization to an vehicle. It universally work well with any trakcer who has set an digital output interface for the performance.
SP01CBL | 4 pins extension cable harness of TRAK-IOT's vehicle trackers


GCAB-4 is an extension cable harness for the 4-pins trackers. The harness is fit with a pin-to-pin connector that allows quick but appropriate lockup with TRAK-IOT's 4-pin trackers. It aims to help prolonging length of the connected wires between trackers and vehicles or accessories.