Removal Alerts

A removal alert is a sign that can be traced back for reasons why there is a suspension of reporting by a tracker. Removal alert warns that a tracker can just work on a short uncertain period of time and fall in offline since the outer power supply is disconnected. A removal alert can be an hint to a car owner that his car is under tampering or thieving. For those commercial vehicles or vehicles on loans, a removal alert of the installed tracker give a warn to managers the vehicle is going out of control.

Anyway, not all the trackers can be enabled removal alerts.

Sorts of Removal Alerts

Wire disconnection

It is for hardwired trackers which are commonly connected to vehicle by wring the power cables to the vehicle’s battery. Disconnection of any of the power cables leads to a removal alert.

Light-sensing detection

Some of wireless trackers are embedded a light sensor on the back side which is designed for closely mount-on. Lights are not considered get in the light sensor if the tracker is appropriately placed and stays mounting until it is taken off from the mounting.

The sensing performs at the level of micro-lumen that it avoids any failure of action due to dense darkness at night.