Due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Trak-iot has taken corresponding measures to cope with the situation. As we all know, hundreds of millions of people have lived through lockdowns. Home isolation is one of effective ways to reduce the coronavirus spread among the population. Meanwhile, to standardize the company’s emergency management work, increase the response speed of epidemic emergencies, enhance comprehensive handling capabilities, and protect our employees from the risk of crowd infection, Trak-iot held working from home exercises.

Working from home is a challenge for both company and employees. This is the first time for most of the employees to work from home, they need to think about how to stay on task in a different environment while maintaining and increasing productivity. For the company, how to maintain the work efficiency and protect employees are tricky questions. Trak-iot uses online communication technologies like video calls, email and online chat application while working from home to safeguard team unity and productivity. Efficient home-based work is no difference from working in the company. Each department can ensure responding within 10 minutes during work time.

With the success of the home-based work exercise, we confirm that working from home does not affect the quality of our services on the premise of ensuring the health of employees. Trak-iot believe we have ability to manage complex epidemic situations in the future.

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