The latest Priesthood away from Mars titles particularly beings while the “Prime Conduits of Omnissiah,” or once the Dominatus Dominus — Master from Gurus

Into the an effective Create Business, to eliminate misunderstandings during the conflict, the absolute most senior of your Technology-priests adopts the new title off “Tech-priest Dominus” to guide the fresh new planet’s army work.

Titan teams and Place Marine Techmarines are listed last perhaps not since of the genuine status in the ladder, however, for their cousin break up on the remainder of the Cult Mechanicus:

  • Dominatus Dominus
  • Tech-priest Dominus
  • Collegia Titanicus Princeps
  • Techmarine
  • Skitarii

Fabricator General

The Fabricator-General from Mars is the higher-ranks individual during the Cult Mechanicus (inside the skill once the Magos Mechanicus), and you can administers not merely new Adeptus Mechanicus also controls new entire world out of Mars alone given that recognised Purple Planetary Governor.

The brand new Fabricator-Standard from Mars is the de facto leader of one’s Cult Mechanicus, so when befits his status, was approved a long-term chair into the council one to works the new Imperium, known as the Senatorum Imperialis and/or Higher Lords out of Terra.

Rulers out-of individual Create Worlds are called “Fabricator-Generals” as well, but just the Fabricator-Standard of ongst brand new High Lords out-of Terra, representing himself otherwise herself as leader of your own Mechanicus while the an entire.

Fabricator Locum

Brand new Fabricator Locum ‘s the next higher-ranking personal on the planet off Mars. The Fabricator Locum support the brand new Fabricator Standard towards governance from Mars, like the conference regarding production quotas and you will making certain a correct devotions to your Machine Goodness can be found all the time.

The most notable Fabricator Locum is actually Kane exactly who sided on Emperor away from Humanity in Horus Heresy meaning that handled within the very least certain extremely important Mechanicus aplikacje randkowe sexfinder assistance on Loyalists.

The position off Fabricator Locum, that way out-of Fabricator General, plus refers basically toward next-highest-ranking Mechanicus formal with the any Create Industry.


“There’s but you to method to follow whenever facing individuals who blaspheme resistant to the Server Goodness. Start this new Canticles and you may posting forward the latest Legions. New doom and that we deliver have to be natural. Most of the have to slide until the Omnissiah’s might.”

A beneficial Magos was a king off a technical or medical punishment, which have dedicated of a lot Terran many years of provider towards Omnissiah within the that area of analysis. There are many professional departments during the Adeptus Mechanicus also known as Divisiones.

Magi because of these are supplied a ranking which includes the latest specialisation away from their Divisio, instance Magos Alchemys, Magos Biologis, Magos Technicus, Magos Logis, Magos Xenologis, Magos Lexmechanicus, Magos Orbologis, Magos Cybernetica, Magos Xenobiologis, Magos Astrologicus, Magos Digitalis, Magos Fabricator, Magos Genetus, Magos Physic, and possibly additional.

There are two large positions in the Divisiones that will be distinctions of the Magos, as well as Archmagos and you will Archmagos Veneratus. That isn’t identified precisely what the certain connotations of them headings try, regardless if presumably he could be an indicator out-of deeper seniority and you will feel.

  • Magos Dominus: A great Magos Dominus (fem: Magos Domina), recognized also just like the a technology-priest Dominus, was a senior Tech-priest of Adeptus Mechanicus exactly who requests new Mechanicus’ military forces and you can attempt to advance military technology. The Magi of one’s Priesthood out-of Mars will be gurus out of much of just what remains of your huge and you may potent military gifts of Dark Ages of Technology, particularly the ancient technical away from treat robots, the fight-Automata. In it the newest journey and you will maintenance of the arcane secrets out-of technology and circuit are out of much larger worthy of than petty riches, economic electricity or even the lifetime of their fellow men. A development-priest Dominus get real time for some fundamental years if not millennia, prolonging the lives courtesy arcane technology and modern cybernetic conversion, willingly become anything except that person while they seek to complete brand new Omnissiah’s will. Brand new offices and you may headings of your Technology-priests try moving on and cutting-edge. Such as for instance is the power that lots of older Technical-priests to improve the ranking within have a tendency to, in times from battle adopting that Technical-priest Dominus.

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