A board management tool enables board members to share and collaborate on documents without difficulty prior to or after meetings. Boards are more prepared for meetings and make quicker decisions when they have streamlined communication and can look over documents and other material ahead of time.

In the past, board directors had to rely on paper or digital tools that were not purposely designed to handle the flow of information in board meetings. These outdated practices can lead to issues with efficiency, lack of clarity regarding expectations for meetings and disengaged board members. Board management software helps companies transition from paper to digital. It also improves efficiency in the planning and execution of meetings and boosts productivity between meetings.

When choosing the best board portal for your company think about what features are most valuable to you. If you’re looking to simplify the process of scheduling meetings, take a look at solutions that have simple visual calendar tools. If you’re planning to hold virtual video conferences, choose an option that comes with high-quality videoconferencing capabilities and document sync.

If you are looking to facilitate discussions during an online meeting, make sure that the system you choose uses polling and discussion tools. The ability to ask questions and receive immediate responses from other board members is a powerful feature that can help you lead the right discussions during the meeting. Nonprofit boards may also find it beneficial to be able create and approve minutes of meetings following the meeting.


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