So as that your to recoup completely, Kirin was delivered to their sleep chamber

A bit after and you can Kirin organises a different sort of vessel for taking Ranma and co back once again to The japanese

Akane is at the side of his bed and you may apologises to own their particular procedures because the it ended up reducing Kirin so you’re able to their ongoing state. Kirin puts off his chopsticks and you can Grain bowl that he always deal the very first time since he fulfilled Akane and you can informs their own one to for everyone his lifestyle he or she is never fulfilled anyone who cared as often to own him as she really does.

Akane, defeat that have feelings, runs to the area wall just like the sunshine rises and you will requires getting forgiveness regarding Kirin. Shortly after listing how without difficulty he outdone Ranma, Kirin informs Akane they are truly the only man-worthy out of their particular. Akane upcoming attempts to slap Kirin, but the guy grabs their own give before generally making get in touch with.

Kirin upcoming gets out-of their bed and you may requires Akane in the event that she enjoys that it “Ranma” which she necessary into The japanese

Once the Akane informs Kirin you to Ranma can come back, Kirin informs their own that he does not care and attention and won’t release her in order to anyone. Kirin following tries to kiss Akane, but she motions their own face away inside refusal. Aggravated quite, Kirin leaves their chamber and says to Akane to set up to your marriage.

Having ultimately returned to Eight Luck Mountain, Kirin dispatches another Happy Gods to try and overcome Ranma. Then he waits in the palace, during which go out the guy notices Akane inside her wedding gown and you will notes exactly how gorgeous she appears.

After people but Ranma and you may Lychee come to the top of Kirin’s tower before the fresh Scrolls was registered, Kirin becomes angered at the them interrupting the conventional service and you can periods the team, creating a huge light which will be seen in the tower’s ft. Akane, not, is distressed within their particular family and friends getting beaten up.

Merely after that Ranma and you may Lychee arrive also and therefore Kirin makes so you’re able to beat Ranma permanently. The battle begins with Ranma playing with his “Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken”, however, Kirin knows how to avoid this procedure and that is in a position to help you stop every single strike together with his chopsticks. Ranma, however, sees it and you may realises a method to stop Kirin’s chopsticks. Ranma following flooding brand new tower with h2o. Even with Kirin’s initially unimpressed reaction to this, he in the near future finds out as to the reasons Ranma did very, as the liquids and therefore Ranma continuously attacks into the Kirin gets previous their chopsticks and you can places blows so you’re able to your given the high-speed the water is take a trip.

Immediately after officiel erklГ¦ring becoming strike which have a great flurry away from punches from the h2o, Kirin tells Ranma he’s never ever confronted a competition such as for instance your just before. Both following launch its most powerful episodes that have Kirin having fun with their “Hundred or so Chopstick Sting” if you find yourself Rama uses their “Hiryu Shoten Ha”. At first the fresh assault seems equally coordinated, however, Ranma’s Hiryu Shoten Ha arrives on the top.

Unfortunately the power put-out by the these types of attacks reasons the fresh new geyser and that to start with inundated new tower so you can spin violently and you will shed the newest tower. Inside the torrent out-of drinking water, Kirin grabs the newest involuntary Akane inside a rescue attempt. Then sees one to Lychee is attempting to find the most other Scroll 1 / 2 of, very puts Akane out so you’re able to recover it just before one another Lychee and you can new Scroll is floor by the a massive little bit of debris (Ranma, meanwhile, rescues Akane).

Since oceans settle-down, Kirin offers Lychee from the h2o. After she regains awareness the guy throws their unique down. Lychee after that delivers her half of new Browse, and you will Kirin satisfies into a couple of halves to each other. Kirin and you can Lychee next look at each almost every other in silence since the the sun’s rays increases behind them.

The guy plus admits his defeat in order to Ranma and you can claims he’s unworthy away from Akane as he put the guy aside toward Browse. In the event that case of what is composed into Search was increased, Kirin opens they when you find yourself Shampoo translates it is a meal to have really juicy Pickled Make hence a couple so you’re able to create together for good, regardless of the matrimony. Happosai will be looked after from the Ranma and you can co since the he’s the person who had them to the so it disorder.

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